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July 6, 2010

The CD for Angels On Fyre is at the duplicators and I am waiting for the review copy to get here.  Looking at an August 1, 2010 release date.

Check out the new TSMusic Page from the menu bar.

I have a new song from my newest project titled Eternity Bridge up on Soundclick

Angels Touch

December 26, 2009

Angels Aflight hit # 1 on the SoundClick Acoustic Rock
 Chart and #22 on the overall Acoustic Charts last week.

The CD for Angels On Fyre will not be available until the
February 2010 at the earliest.  My apologies for the delay.

Angels Aflight

Nov 23, 2009

  I'm still working on getting Angels On Fyre finished.  All the songs are done, but the final mixes and the CD artwork are a ways from completion.  I'm still hoping to have it done and released before the end of the year.   Winds Of Flame  has hit No 1 on the Soundclick Acoustic Rock charts twice and #16 overall on the main acoustic chart.  I am also now an Endorsed Artist for FireWire Strings

May 30, 2009

I added the schedule feed from Reverbnation on the Schedule page.  This will keep it more current.

April 21, 2009

I just added a few new pictures to the photo page

The newest song from Angels On Fyre, Wings From Hell,  is # 4 on the SoundClick  Acoustic Rock Chart and #30 on the overall Acoustic Chart.  Looking for another No 1!

Wings From Hell

March 15, 2009

The title track from Angels On Fyre hit # 1 on the SoundClick
 Acoustic Rock Chart and #15 on the overall Acoustic Chart
making it my highest ranked song ever on there!

Angels On Fyre


Last Sun has arrived and is now shipping!  See the Music
page for details.  This also available on Ebay.
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