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Powerful new nusic for the acoustic guitar 

Tony Seo started music at an early age.  He started playing drums and percussion in the 4th grade and continued all through high school.  He started playing guitar in 1969, and played regularly for 20 years.   He took a break for a few years, and decided in the summer of 2006, that it was time to get back to playing. Along the way he earned a B.A. in Music from Penn State and a Masters In Music from the University of South Carolina, in music compostion. His music is an exciting and intense blend of Celtic, rock, and classical influences for the acoustic guitar.  

His first CD, "Forgotten Walls" was released in December 2007, his second CD titled "Last Sun"  was released in November 2008.  Four of the songs from Last Sun have been in the top 20 in their respective sub-categories on the charts.   His third CD "Angels On Fyre" came out in July 2010.  Three of the songs from "Angels On Fyre" hit No 1 on the Acoustic Rock chart and one other made it to No 2.  The next project is titled "Eternity Bridge".  Several of the songs from that are placing high on the Soundclick charts as well, including two No 1's in the Acoustic Rock catagory